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(by Rich 4-22-08)

I concur completely with the comments made by "Sharleyf" on this website -- could not have stated it better myself.

I have experienced an identical situation, perhaps worse. It took Whitewater Pools 19 months to complete my swimming pool, and then only because I leaned on them hard and threatened them with legal action.

Worse, each and every component of my pool has very serious issues: water feature, swim-up bar, in-floor cleaning system, skimmers installed incorrectly, a sanitation system which in just 2 1/2 months did over $15K in damage to plaster and all metallic equipment from the lights to the stainless steel DE filter. The local manager of the company made the following ludicrous statement to me on 3/31/08: "There is no relationship between alkalinity and PH."

That may very well be true on the planet that he came from, but not here on Earth.

Throughout the ordeal, the company has "hung me out to dry", been totally unresponsive to my concerns, given me 180-degree WRONG advice, failed to keep promises, and currently won't return my phone calls. The aforementioned advice resulted in the addition of 63 gallons of muriatic acid and 129 pounds of calcuim to the new pool in it's first 10 weeks of existence, at which point I was told to add

MORE calcium to bring the calcium level to 2000 ppm. That would require an additional 192 pounds!

The buck had stopped -- I refused to comply.

My "Whitewater Experience" has been the nightmare of my lifetime -- they are the swimming pool company from ***. It therefore comes as no surprise that the company has 18 unresolved complaints over the past 36 months at the Tucson BBB and is labeled as an "unsatisfactory" company by the BBB. The BBB also has a problem with the company continuing to represent themselves as a BBB member and using the BBB logo even though they have not been a BBB member since 2005. The company has cheated me, their representatives have lied to me, and they have breeched their own contract with me in numerous ways. The Arizona Registrar of Contractors also has an abundant set of issues (complaints) with Whitewater, and they have been sued recently by multiple customers. I would not wish this company on my worst enemy. There is much more to say about this company, but there is inadequate space on the internet .....

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I don't know if this is the same Whitewater Pools as the one in Texas, but the story sounds familiar. We signed a contract for pool to be built in August of '04 and it ended up with us filing criminal charges.

The use of the BBB logo, empty promises, not answering the phone, closing the business and re-opening under a different name, all sound like the same business practices. Ours ended up with the local builder pleading guilty in May of '08 of Misappropriation of Fiduciary Funds, getting him 180 days in the county jail and 5 years probation. He was ordered to pay restitution in equal installments monthly when he got out in December of '08 as a condition of his probation. I'm still waiting on the first penny and I'm getting no help from the local probation dept.

If he's not going to pay I want him back in jail to prevent him from continuing his construction farce. I ended up finishing the pool myself the summer of '08.

Needless to say this has been a costly lesson that I hope would never happen to anyone else. Going forward I would ask if the company had the operating capital to complete the project prior to signing a contract.

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